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Welcome to the Aged Care Development Network!

We believe in improving the aged care industry for the future and this means supporting care workers to find a career path they are excited about, providing the education and resources to pursue this and ultimately the right tools to secure a great job!

The 3 Key Areas are:

Career, Education, and Reward

1) Career

People who work in aged and community care love what they do. They take pride in helping others and enjoy being in a people centred role.

We want to build up care workers from wherever they are in their career by providing career pathway information, access to government funded courses and assistance to upskill or change directions.

The key to a sustainable aged care industry is to focus on training and retaining great staff.

2) Education

Aged and community care is an industry that is constantly evolving. To keep abreast of general changes, best practices and necessary new skills such as use of IT, care workers need to regularly retrain.

Our goal is to make training, education and upskilling as seamless as possible so that care workers can get back to work and back to a harmonious work-life balance.

3) Reward

Aged care is a large and important sector which has become a vital part of Australian society.

ACDN partners with organisations who want to help support the aged care industry and its employees to create rewards just for you.
Rewards range from everyday discounts on shopping and entertainment to help from financial institutions.

Our role is to support you in these 3 Key Areas. Allowing you to have a have a long and rewarding career in aged and community care.

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