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Workforce is the number one cost and number one overall risk in the sector. Yet many providers still have paper-based personnel records; reliance on manual processes and double entry of data; resulting in no single source of truth about their workforce.

Do any of these describe your setup:

Paper-based personnel records / simple record in the payroll system?
Manual entry of police checks and updates from staff?
Double entry of data as the platforms cannot share information?
Struggle to get verified compliance, education and employment history about your workers & job applicants?
All of the these challenges are very common and ACDN’s technology solutions are specifically designed to solve them.

The workforce data management system was designed to be flexible. If you have workforce management technology already, ACDN can connect and enhance the setup. If you have little or no technology, ACDN can work with you to build a plug and  play system that covers everything you need.

It all depends on you.



Lower Costs

Automate common HR functionality.

Save Time

Share data across all of your platforms in real time.

Lower Risk

Press a button and know if your workforce meet compliance or not.


HR Records Platform

Industry specific, cloud-based HR platform designed for small to medium providers. Designed to easily connect to your payroll, rostering and other workforce management platforms.

Data Integration as a Service (DIaaS)

Automate HR functions and easily share information in real time between your management platforms.

Workforce Tracker

Advanced information collection system that provides both verified and unverified information on each of your workers’ compliance, education and employment history.

Access a world of services that connect and share info including police checks, mandatory training, RTOs, recruitment, payroll and rostering platforms. Automate HR functionality and save time and cost in your operation.
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Technology is always changing and it is hard to stay on top of your options. ACDN is always reviewing third party options for HR, payroll, rostering, recruitment, eLearning, client management and many other functions. The challenge is not always about the functionality of an individual platform as many are similar in that regard, it's about connectivity. Does this platform work with other platforms easily, automatically and in real time?

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